Monday, November 30, 2009

Adding another to the Anderson Family

First and foremost, we hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family and friends. There is something about the smell of Turkey baking all day, dads famous stuffing that gets eaten before we even sit down, the memories that are made with family and friends, and the moments you can sit back and just be Thankfull for ALL that we do have in our lives.

Kenny and I also wanted to share the good news......NO IM NOT PREGNANT, but we did take on another child. So let me introduce to you....

She is Rustys blood sister, born on the same day and just as sweet as she can be. She came down with a Pancreatic disorder making it so she could no longer be shown and because of her health issue she most likely was never going to be able to be adopted out. So here we are...with another one! We truely never thought we would ever be able to find another dog quite like Rusty, but we were wrong. She has the same temperment, calm personality, very obedient, and extremely loving. Only difference is, she tends to think she is a Chihuahua. At any given moment she wants to be right in your lap.

Rusty has really taken a liking to her. Even though he isnt ready to admit that he enjoys the thought of how he now has to share his bones and toys, bed and parents...he really does like her.

We look forward to everyone meeting our little lady. In the mean time...we hope everyone enjoys this holiday season. 

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Week off to Celebrate 3 years!

Kenny and I decided to spend some Vacation time and have a week off to do whatever we want! We did just that. No strings attached, no schedule, no work, no issues to deal with. It was a "kick the shoes off and relax" week. Last Sunday we traveled to Tallahassee to see my college roomate and best friend, Emily, her husband Ryan and their new puppy Bella (Rustys new girlfriend). We had a great time seeing Talli, playing with the kids (Rusty and Bella), and making s'mores over the bonfire.

(Bella and Rusty)

Then we left Tallahassee and drove down to Waculla Springs, where we had the pleasure of listening to two massive gators "talk" back and forth. It actually sounded more like a roaring lion.
We then continued to drive down the West coast of Florida until we came to the small town of Steinhatchee. Steinhatchee is known for great fishing and scalloping. We stayed at a beatiful resort with the best cabins, pool, in door sauna, and nature trails. Rusty really enjoyed the Donkeys, goats, chickens, and rabbits.

(The cabin we stayed in while at Steinhatchee Landing Resort)

(Rusty and this Donkey really took a liking to each other)

The rest of the week was quite relaxing....sleeping in, waffles for breakfast, a great anniversary dinner, caught up on our LOST episodes, and we worked on projects around the house. Our main project was to stain and seal the back porch floor. The final outcome looks great although it is a bit on the "orange" side for color. For now it is good enough. I am looking forward to finally being able to decorate now that the windows are in, furniture has been cleaned, and floors are done!

So now we are back to work with a lot to do and a lot to catch up on...
Why is it that you feel like you need another vacation to follow one you just had?