Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The kids...How could I forget the kids!

Oops! I cant believe I forgot to mention how our children are doing. GREAT! We are still working on a few ins-and-outs with Teal and her mischievous ways, but overall she has been such a great sister to Rusty and companion to us. Rusty and Teal truely make a team wherever they go...chasing squirrels, getting on the couches together, and even watching mom while she trying to take a bath.
 Teal has put on 15 pounds since we got her, and her beautiful coat has finally come in. Overall, her health has improved a ton, thanks to some great medicine and special food.

While I say that her and Rusty are getting along, Teal still is the dominant one of the two. After all, she is the Alpha. Teal gets extremely jealous of any toy, not just her "special bears." The picture below explains it perfectly... Teal in control of ALL the toys we own.
While she might be the dominant of the two dogs, she still has the biggest heart of gold. She loves her daddy especially, and just melts when anyone touches her or gives her any attention.
Kenny and I have definitely come to the conclusion that we could never get another dog after these two...there is just NO absolute way we could ever get another pet as good as the two we have!


Family and Friends, I am so sorry about the delay in updating our blog. Although hectic-ness should be NO excuse...it truly is the sum of of life lately. Between a new niece, recouping from the holidays, house projects, work, church, and keeping a marriage strong....I am exhausted! So this blog might just be a bit long, but full of new information and lots of pictures (to keep you interested).

I just love the quote, "Many things may change us, but everything begins and ends with the FAMILY."
Isnt this saying just so true! These past couple of months have been ALL about family. Growing with family, laughing with family, sharing the holidays with family, starting new families, crying with family, and loving with family.
Our niece, Kaelyn Marie is just now over 2 months old...and growing fast. She has not been the typical newborn who only sleeps, eats and...well, lets just say I have already put her to work.

Okay...Yes, she is sleeping...But i promise you she was just helping me to payroll!

Last week was Kaelyn's baby dedication at Mt. Zion Church. I think this was the first time Lauren decided to put her in a dress. And lets just say, we might have a tomboy on our hands because Kaelyn officially hates dresses!
Lauren, Brett and Miss Kaelyn

Kenny, Me, Lauren, Kaelyn and Brett

This past weekend was also a big weekend for Kenny. Kenny turned 26! We feel like every night last week and the weekend prior we were celebrating! He sure is loved! Last weekend we went to dinner with Papa, Susan, Aunt Jan, and the Owens. This past weekend we went and had Sushi with Joy and Dan. And we finished the weekend and Birthday Celebrations with a gourmet seafood dinner at my parents house with the whole clan. 
 The legendary Funfetti Cake

Kaelyns FIRST Birthday party
She definitely did not like our voices :(

Besides the Family time with all of our family members...Kenny and I are also trying to spend some quality time together. Most couples go on expensive dates, or leave for a weekend...while we enjoy doing house projects together. Lets see, where do I begin. We finally finished the back porch decorations which included a new rug and wine rack plus we re-stained the cabinets in the bar area. 
This was extremely hard to find...especially to match the crazy orange color the floor stain came out as. But I thought it match perfectly the rest of the room. Honestly, I just loved the rug so we made it work!
Next project was to finish updating the mirrors and decor in the master bath.
We took down the massive 8 x 4 mirror and put up two smaller ones...added a little white paint, new fixture and then the decorations! Whalla! Definitely one of the cheaper projects.
Now we are currently working on our new project...an entertainment center. Kenny and my brother in-law built a Pottery-barn entertainment center. It is currently at a friends shop being painted. We are hoping to have it back this weekend to go along with my new couches I have been waiting 3 years for. I will post pictures of the living room once all is done.
 Besides exhaustion, Kenny and I are doing well. We are bathing in Gods Glory and blessings that He has given us so far this year...health, happiness, and love!
We hope that you are having a great start to 2010! I hope to post more pictures and more updates as the weeks roll on by in the Anderson Family.
OHHHH!!!! By the way....my dad just won Florida Veterinarian of the Year 2010! Go Dad! I love you.