Tuesday, June 29, 2010


First and foremost, I am sorry again for the delay in updates. The Anderson Household has been super busy. We dont have internet at the house, so updating the blog can only happen while Im at work, and on my lunch breaks. So after a couple breaks I will hopefully be able to fill you in on our lives these past three months.
House Projects:

Last month we finally got our entertainment center finished. As I mentioned before, Kenny and my brother in-law built it. We then took it to a professional painter, where its finishing touches were completed. It is absolutely beautiful and completely changed the whole look of the living room. Thank you Pottery Barn for the design...and thank you Lord that we were able to make it for a 1/4 of the price it would have cost if we had actually bought it from Pottery Barn. I am so in love with this piece of work!

Right before we got the entertainment center back from the painting shop, we also received our new couches. I had been waiting on these for months.They are still fresh (a little stiff) so Kenny and I rotate seats daily to wear them in. I was so happy to have finally gotten rid of the old college couch...well at least its out of the house. The couch now resides in the "Mancave," making a beautiful addition to the tools and clutter. Anyone need a couch? :)

Next project to tackle was our landscaping. Let me remind you...we live on 2 full acres. So landscaping is not something we can due over a weekend. In fact every weekend we are cutting grass, pulling weeds, cleaning out the banana trees, burning branches, babying our fig and satsuma tree, planting new flowers, trees or shrubs. Thank goodness that we actually enjoy yard work. Truthfully, this is when Kenny and I probably spend most of our time together...and we love it!

Below is a couple pictures of some of the landscaping we have done...still much more to do on Deer Run Rd!

I show this picture now, because the green trim is our next project that we will be tackling on the whole house!

Agapanthus plants on the left side of the house. I love these durable plants!

Holly Fern in front of the house. Theses things have already doubled in the couple of weeks that we have had them. I cant wait for them to get full grown. I sure wish I had taken before and after pictures.

The tree on the left is our Satsuma tree. These things are better than oranges. The dogs love them too!
The tree on the right is our fig tree, which no one in our house likes, including the dogs. Figs free to anyone who wants to come and pick them!

Banana Trees. Last year we thought we had lost these from our hard freezes we had gotten. It looks like we might have a different outcome this year. I sure hope so because they are so sweet and good.

In our last blog I mentioned that we were still doing some work on our back patio. Kenny decided to re-stain the cabinets in the bar area. I also added a couple of decorations, plus plants to the back patio as well.

For Easter we went out to Kristen and Jons. It was a great time watching the kids do their easter egg hunt and we ate some great food. 
For those of you who dont know...my husband is in love with anything that has a motor...cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats. But sometimes he just doesnt know when to stop his love and face reality...
Like the fact that he is wayyyy to big for Walkers power wheels. This picture is priceless: Walker on his tractor pulling a wagon, and Kenny trailing behind on his powerwheels motorcycle.

You think he might be a bit big for it?

This Easter was Kaelyns first! I think she was a bit spoiled for it, dont you?

Kaelyn is doing great! She has gotten so big, and super fun to play with. I am enjoying every moment mom and dad give me with her. Thank you God for little girls!
This past weekend my sister and her husband went on a Marriage Retreat Weekend. So that left us in charge of Kaelyn...The Aunties were ready to have fun! So Lindsey and I...as soon as Kaelyn was dropped off, decided what a perfect time to take Kaelyn to get her ears pierced. (DONT WORRY, WE HAD FULL PERMISSION FROM THE PARENTS). Lauren told us it would be too hard on her to watch, so she wanted us to do it for her.
So we did...and boy was it a task! I now know why she didnt want to do it herself! 
WARNING: Lauren if your reading this you might want to skip the pitiful pictures!

So here is how it went: 
Lindsey jumped in the car to head to the mall. Well while we were getting in the car, Kaelyns knee got bumped. Lets just say it was all down hill from here. 
She screamed and screamed and screamed. So we pulled over to get her out of the car seat and calm her down. We tried a bottle, toys, walking her, singing to her, making goofy faces, everything! Nothing was working! So we gave her a set of keys, buckled her back in, and watched (listened too) to her laugh, cry and scream all at the same time. I swear she knew what we were up to! Finally we make it to the mall. The screaming has calmed and the tears were gone. At this point she now began to play and laugh. 
Great, we thought! Now she is happy and look at what we are about to do to the pitiful babe!
Well we get to the original place we wanted to have her ears pierced at. After a couple minutes of conversation we were quickly denied in that we were not allowed to have her ears pierced. Apparently we have to be the mother or legal guardian. I tried and tried with the woman. But what if the mother has no desire to be here? Cant I pretend to be the mother and you just pretend you never heard me tell you otherwise? NO NO and NO!
Fine! So Lindsey and I decided to go to the next place in mind. This time, I told them I was the mother. Yes, I lied. But I promise it was for a good cause. They were not going to allow it any other way. Lindsey and I just kept saying..."This is for you Lauren." and "One day, Kaelyn will love us for this." 
My hand was shaking the entire time I was filling out all the forms...lying. (but for a good cause)
Finally we were ready to do it. Can you picture it? Lindsey and I (terrified), the lady thinks it is because Im a nervous mother, when really its because im an awefull aunt! Kaelyn is laughing and playing...

then it all went down hill from there! Click! SCREAM! Click! SCREAM (louder). My heart was hurting for my lil-one. Dont worry, I left the really mad, sad, screaming picts out!

 But it was all smiles, litterally 2 minutes after!

God has really blessed Kenny and I with family and friends who share their little ones! 
So there...an update! I have much more to write about, but I figured I should do a little at a time. So stay in tuned for the next update...Thursday!