Thursday, July 15, 2010


Wow...what a long week. While my parents have been on a nice 3 week vacation in the Bahamas, we have been keeping an eye out on Grandpa. We have taken turns going to see him, bringing him cookies, feeding him and giving him lots of sugar. Over the past couple of weeks we have noticed that he was progressively getting worse. Long story short... here we are day 2 in ICU. Lindsey and I have been taking turns sleeping here, helping feed him...but mostly helping the nurses and doctors, considering he is extremely aggitated and uncomfortable. But as long as we are here, holding his hand or rubbing his forehead...he tends to relax and not throw punches. I think they have all learned he has a pretty good right hook.
Sitting next to his bed now, lights off so he can sleep, while listening to the thunderstorm outside...all I can think about is the Lords Will. While we want him here, we want the suffering, confusion, hospitals and nursing homes, to come to an end.
Please pray for our family these next couple of days while decisions have to be made as to what happens next. Where to go, how we will be with him to comfort him, flexing work schedules and so much more.
Please also pray for my mom, while she is gone this is difficult not being here. They will be back late tonight, but she misses him and I MISS HER!
Updates to be continued later:
Signing out...a tired granddaughter who loves the Family God has Blessed her with!