Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vacation to Tennessee

As most of you already know, Kenny lost one his best friends, Pfc. Nathan Bradley Clemons in 2005. Nathan was a friend to many but a true hero to our country. We have had to wonderful opportunity to still be a part of the family that he left behind. So this past weekend we hopped in our car at 4pm on Wednesday and 8 hours later ended in Winchester Tennessee. Every time we visit Tennessee we are overcome by the beauty of the mountains, the cooler air, and the great people.

Kenny and I have had alot on our plates lately, and having several days to relax was JUST what we needed. A normal day with the Clemons family, consisted of waking up and sitting on the back porch with coffee in hand. This usually last for several hours :) Then we would head into town and walk around the cute shops and eating their great southern style food. The rest of the day usually consisted of entertaining Miss. Haley: swimming, playing, and entertaining her wild imagination. It is so hard to believe how just 4 years ago she was in our wedding, and oh so small...well not any more.


Swimming in the pool was an everyday event...good thing considering this was our only form of exercise for the weekend.

One day after picking Haley up from school we headed to a small, quaint town called Bell Buckle. Haley and I chilled in the back while winding up and down all the mountains.

This place hands down has the best "home-cookin" food you will ever have. Bell Buckle is the home to the Moon Pie Festival and much more.

While going from store to store, Mr. Clemons and I decided to take a small break on one of the front porches of a store.

They say Tennessee is a bit country...they weren't kidding. Check out the wind chimes we found. Mom, I got you one for your collection!

The rest of the trip was filled with fun moments together...below you will see just what Im talking about!

Kenny and Haley being goofy

Haley and I before church

Some of the other cool things that happened while we were with the Clemons family, was that they received a phone call informing the Clemons that the town wanted to name a local bridge in honor of Nathan. The very next day, they received another call wanting to do pay a small tribute to Nathan, on the Nancy Grace Show. I just think it is so great that his legacy still remains so alive in the hearts and family of him...also in our Nation!

Finally prior to leaving, we HAD to take a family photo. I just love this family. And we are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives. I am really looking forward to going back hopefully in the fall.

Of course, no blog can finish without some adorable updated pictures of my beautiful neice. She is now almost 9 months, crawling and getting oh so big.

You know one of the things I truly feel God is teaching me, through all of our trials lately...is that there are many blessings around us that we will miss if we are so focused on the negative in our lives. Thank you God for an AMAZING husband, loving family, sweet dogs, best friends, and beautiful babies.