Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dear Grandpa...

We sure do miss you already. The past several years have been such a blessing having you in our home, and lives. Growing up, we werent that close to you. But having you with us the last years of your life brought us all oh so close. Give Grandma a kiss for us in Heaven, catch lots of fish and, eat as many cookies as you want!

You brought a smile to our face when:
* You would steal dads clothes out of his closet and wear them
* You would hide cookies in your bed and pockets so you could have them when we werent looking
* You caught the bushes out front on fire
* You would smoke in the house and push moms buttons
* You would Eat 5 or more bananas a day, leaving none for us to have
* You would Laugh at old western movies, when they werent that funny
* You tried to ride the bike...to get away from us
* You actually accomplished running away and it took us forever to find you, or the cops to find you
* You wore your funny hats
* You drank your Odules and actually thought you were getting a buzz from it
* You would dance to music
* You would light up to Mrs. Lois bringing you fast food
* You saw a pretty lady, and would flirt with her
* You smoked in the bathroom at a restaurant to hide from us
* You were aware enough to know that sprite was not wine, and Ginger Ale was not Whiskey on the rocks
* You would call us by name
* You would get the mail everyday
* You asked my dad for a paycheck bc of your job (getting the mail)
* We would give you money (paycheck) and you would in turn give it right back to help pay for things
* You would talk about your Childhood
* You would play with the dogs
* You would flirt with the nurses
* You would let moms bird go, because you thought it wanted to be free
* You would kiss and hug us goodbye
* You told us you loved us
* Plus, oh so much more

Such a handsome man

What a wonderful great-grandpa

Kisses for Grandpa

Happy 76th Birthday Grandpa!

Doing what you did best (fish)

Your girls

Your favorite nurses of all!

You were not only a hero to our country, but to your family. We all love you and are looking forward to seeing you in Heaven soon!